Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The final countdown

this is it people. the hatches are battned down, the mast is lashed to the deck, al portholes are sealed, and we are heading into the storm.
At this time friday, which is 48 hours from now, you may call me, to find out wether I have survived the storm or wether I have sunk beneath the waves.

ahem. What I mean to say in everyday, grown up english is that the deadlines are closing in, friday being d-day. I found two amazing mac programs to help me with my french entries, but they still need work, and my dutch entry is giving me trouble because I don't trust myself enought to write well constructed sentences in it after the French and English papers.

BUT the good news is I looked at my GRE scores again and this is what they tell me (No, it's not like reading tealeaves. not at all.)

Scores 6 and 5.5:
(for the sake of modesty I will confess that I received the 5.5, not a perfect 6)
sustains insightfull, in-depth analysis of complex ideas: develops and supports main points with logically compelling reasons and/or highly persuasive examples: is well focused and well organized; skillfully uses sentence variety and precice vocabulary to convey meaning effectivly; demonstrates superior facility with sentence structure and language usage but may have minor errors that do not interfere with meaning.

well, that makes me think I can crack this grad apps thing.

but in case, G-d has been VERY (read uncomfortably) active in my life, and allot of things are reaching a culmination point. so my big prayer request is that I can keep my willingness to participate in life and that I can sleep. I realize that my head is so full of things that I don't fall asleep untill two hours after I go to bed, and then I wake up often. Please pray that the time between when my head hits the pillow and when my alarm goes off will be completely taken up with sleep.


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