Wednesday, August 10, 2011


many of you already know this, but I am moving back to Florida. I know that this is sudden to many, but believe me, it was not an impulse decision. Back in April, when I quite my job, I told myself I had 4 months to get better and find another job. I was functioning under the (now proven delusional) notion that I was suffering from an illness that was temporary, and would go away if treated right. I got my feet back under me, and was heading back into the big bad world of employment and school, and was hit by another wave of sickness. This time it was different, because I was conscious of what was going on every step of the way. I was aware of what I should be doing, and what was taking place in my body. Yet this knowledge didn't help the episode be any less draining, and it didn't stop me from losing a day of training at work, and missing a job interview the next day. With my 4 months up at the end of august, and that ever dreaded word,Finances, looming in the near future, I finally called my parents and took them up on their longstanding offer of moving back to Florida to recuperate. The decision is a sad one, as I have made a home for myself here, with many wonderful friends who know me very well. More than any other place, Nyack has been healthy for me, in all but the physical sense. It is hard, hard, hard to leave, but I am encouraged by these same wonderful friends who have already checked online fares to Florida and are planning mini vacations to visit me. I also am realizing that I leave nothing behind me, I take it all with me. My memories, my books, my projects, my hopes and dreams... I remember a quote I found in Capernwray, although I've never been able to place who and where. " I not leave my heart behind me, as they say in love letter. No, I will carry it with me, over the mountains, because I need it. Always." This is not to say pieces of me will be in Nyack forever, but I will not diminish when I go. I go to become a healthier me, a better me.. anyways, there it is, my update. If you are in the New York region, please schedule a visit before I leave!!! Pretty please, I will beg if required.


Blogger Ben Greene said...

Selfishly I am excited to have you closer! you're making a brave move though...will be praying :)

10:59 PM  

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