Tuesday, September 30, 2008


so to keep track of the days. Today my muscles and bones feel tired, and I feel overwhelmed. throat is stilil sore. breakfast was sausage and english muffins and milk, I brought a snack with me to work. should break for lunch.
God help me through this

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

today is an interesting day

Friends! I havn't forgotten about you!
This weekend I've had such a turn about from where I was. I was bogged down with allergies or something for weeks, and it affected everything, even my attention span. I tried taking asperine, over the counter medication, nothing seemed to make a difference. I have not been taking my vitamins or eating as I should. About the eating. Here's my dilema. I don't like food, I don't like the process of eating it, I don't like being fueled by it. The whole process seems a little, how shall we say, assenine?
God created human bodies and food to sustain us, and I bow to his supperior intellect in the matter, but I still can't bring myself to like something that takes such an inordinant amount of my time from other things. I can deal with buying food, that is something I don't mind at all! but the cooking and the thinking and the debating and the headaches. blech, not for me. And I've never looked so good! When I used to eat regularly, I was quite rotund and worried about my image. Now I look not half bad AND I don't have to worry so much about what I'm eating.
I do eat, only cause I won't be able to focus otherwise. But that is the only reason I find at all plausible to doing so.
Anyways, these last few weeks have been such a rollercoaster of Go! Go! Go!
student orientation, and student registration, and student private lessons, and professors and assistants who don't seem to stay put and new projects that need to be done, and old projects that need to be finished. this last week I held an artshow in Shuman hall, a beautifull old building on campus. My friend Krissy (www.krissyrandall.com) from texas was kind enough to let me book her before she went and did a show in DC. It was such a blessed time, as we got to hang out around all her beautifull paintings and talk into the night. it was her birthday on wednesday so we went into the city and watched stomp. It was so amazingly mind blowing, and we were all relaxed. Krissy and her husband are two of the most loving people I know, and I really want to learn how from them. they also are some of the funniest and loudest people I know. All in all I am so very much hoping that they will decide to move to NY to be closer to the art scene.
One thing the art show did push me to do was to establish more connections downtown with people. I really feel like nyack town and nyack music school should be working together more on things, also I always liked to know when free shows were given, and Nyack does that all the time. so I don't feel to bad about making things happen.
But in short, this week was crazy busy, starting with a renaissance fair on saturday at which I bought a dagger! yes I did. and the man I bought it from had so many amazing stories to tell about it too.
more on that later, I need to go study arabic, and get my free coffee from a friend.