Friday, September 11, 2009

well hello again!

I'm writing this at 8:3o on a friday evening. I've been at work for 11 hours! wow, I didn't realize how long it was untill I did the math right then.
It's registration week at school, which means things are apt to get a little crazy and buzy. I feel more stressed than I did this time last year because I'm actually trying to maintain good eating habits and such, which is why I'm writting now, because it's relaxing for me to write, and because I'm to tired to call any of you.
Basically, the friday before the first weekend in school is the last chance we have to get students signed up for private lessons, which I then schedule friday night, it's like sacrificing a night to be on track the next week. The only problem is that all of my students were so confusing coming in, that I didn't prepare lists as I should have, so now, the Private Lessons are a little backed up.
I finally understand those emails dad used to send about his work on cars, and no family news. work is the only thing in my brain right now. Let me see if I can shift gears..
My Landlords are amazing. some of you heard they keep me stocked with food. I have a pasta waiting for me in the fridge at home, when I get there. They've given me enough fruit to keep me well healthy this last week.
The appartment is just my size. I have enoug room to not feel like I'm crowded in there, but it's small enough that I don't get overwhelmed with the upkeep. (it takes very little to overwhelm me in that department) AND IT HAS A WALKIN CLOSET!!!
I feel allot better in this place. Last night I talked to my Bro, while sitting outside and the breeze blowing around my little porch area reminded me a little of Switzerland. Me Gusto Mucho!
I'm going to the REN fair tomorrow, and NOT dressing up. I decided I'd like to wear jeans. I am however, strapping on my Dirk I bought last time, and even though I have to keep it tied in it's sheeth, it will be worth it.
I also had people ask about bookclub, which I didn't think I'd do this term, and about Hands of Compassion, which looks like it will be a good year! I'm meeting with McD next week about teaching his courses when he's gone.
Anyways, more (as always) later.