Monday, July 05, 2010

July 4th weekend

My weekend really started on the 30th, when T. and E. made it up to Philly, and I down. It was wonderfull to spend some time with them, and see the sights. It struck me that time certainly flies, but some people can change and still remain friends. Driving back up from philly, I had to keep myself awake by singing allong to the sound of music quite loudly.
This last week I've been helping with VBS at another church, and it's been very fun. I miss having children around, as my church has two children in it and they are toddlers.
Then, this saturday, I had brunch with good friends and new friends, did groceries, made lunch for the week, and then packed a picknick and went to westpoint for their annual fourth of july concert. silly me, I had not really thought through how patriotic it would be, being westpoint AND the fourth of july, and I was a little put off by all the propaganda. But then I had a moment of humility where I realized the concert was free, and I could really complain. They played the theme from Starwars as well as the 1812 overture, which piece of sublimity was only marred by the person next to me talking to their dog and then relaying into the phone the dogs reactions... don't worry, I did not kill her. I came very close though. I did role my eyes and glare at her pointily. The fireworks were very beautifull, but we had chosen to sit behind a tree for shade, and so, true to tradition, we missed the larger portion of the fireworks again! I suppose three years in a row make it a tradition for realz. The next day, Jack (codename for Au.), A, and I went to the episcopal church only to find they had changed their meeting times. slighlty crestfallen, but still wanting to attend church, we turned the corner and stepped into the catholic church, (nothing like options on a sunday morning)The homily was actually quite good, barring the use of scripture as "symbols" the 12 apostles as symbols of bishops, priests, pope... The point he made was still valid, which was that the gospel should be spread by all christians, not just the clergy. The building was a beautifull mix of norwegian wood ceiling, painted, classic catholic windows and some very ugly very strange eighties wall coverings. Then Jack and I dropped A of at the coach and we headed for the hills. We got caught in some beach traffic, but once free of that, we soon struck out into the wilderness. (we were only ever 20 minutes from a car road) we hiked and stopped and read and hiked some more. We had Allen Ginsbergs letters with us. very interesting read. We found a very pretty, secluded spot to swim and camp out on the lake. We even saw a bever swim right past us! the night was not so good, as we had forgotten mosquito repellent, I ended up with bites all over my body, over a hundred. I couldn't sleep because we were outside, and because of the mosquitos. We should have brought a tent,and next time we will! The experience, bar not sleeping and being bitten, was very peacefull and beautifull. Although it was only one night, it felt great to have all we needed on our back and to be somewhat selfsufficient. It also felt great to swim in the lake after a long day's hike. Monday we hiked back to the car, made it home and fell asleep for the next 4 hours. I dropped Jack off at the bus station after grabbing coffee and then headed home. I tried to do some sewing, cleaned my room up a little, then took out my receipts and organized my budget. I'm trying to keep track of all I'm spending so that I can see trends in my money habits and cut out some unnecesary ones.

speaking of money, can I sing the praises of my dear grandfather? I asked him for a substantial loan on wednesday, so that I could go to grad school starting in the summer, instead of the fall, and he wired me the money on friday, the day it was due. What a hero! This means I will be starting grad school TONIGHT! I'm so excited for this next stage of my life. I can say now to Langston Hughes, "A dream deferred, my good sir, becomes sweeter with the waiting. And I'll thank you to keep your depressing comments to yourself"
(Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode? )

The one goal I have set for myself this year is to be present in the moment, to look at this life, my life and to live it. whatever it is, not to withdraw from it, or dream about another life, but to live my own. I hope you'll keep me acountable on this?