Monday, January 10, 2011

I just sent in my first abstract for a conference in April!
If they like it, I'm going to Kentucky for a few days to present on Elizabeth Madox Roberts "a Haunted Palace"
I don't know when I'll hear from them, but here's hoping. It's a conference a professor at Nyack is influential in organizing and so I'd have help in preparing things to say. I'm very nervous, but proud of myself for getting it done.

The Drawing of the Horse and the Sticking of the Sow: a look at the struggle for Self in “A Haunted Palace”
Elizabeth Madox Roberts's short story “A Haunted Palace” is presented as a narrative of simple people living in the shadow of an older and more refined family, and of the matriarch Jess's confrontation with a different way of life, incomprehensible to her. I hope to argue that the straightforward method of storytelling, the concrete and full
descriptions of everyday objects and animals, and the subjective yet vague narration are skillfully used to probe the concept and the place of Self in relation to the aggregate of other Selves, known variously as history, literature, philosophy, tradition, religion and culture. Further still, Jess is caught between an articulation of Self, represented by the act of drawing the bloodlines of a horse not yet born, and a negation of Self, represented by killing a pig without thought of the future. Roberts's treatment of the subject will be
compared to the views of various other writers and philosophers who deal with the same question, among them Plato, G. K. Chesterton, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and C. S. Lewis.

Other news, I got my fanbelt tightened for, no kidding, a cup of coffee and donuts! If you are ever in Nyack and need a car looked at, see Geno. He's my hero.
I've decided to look for a better car though, because everytime something goes wrong, I realize that at this point, it's not if, but when. If I havn't replaced it in the last two years, it's going to need to be replaced soon. It's a sad thought, I love my little car. but I can't seem to trust it on any kind of trip, and I would like to be able to take it for longer than a half hour drive.

it's snowing off and on, with a snow warning for tuesday night, storm warning actually, so here's hoping I get snowed in. If I do, I'm making aprons for me and R and I'll start working on my Gerald Manley Hopkins documentary.
I'm coming down with a cold, and between the snow days we've had and just coming back from vacation, I can't really afford to take time off.
well. let me end by saying how thankfull I am for friends and family. I'm constanly reminded of the good people (you included) surrounding me!
and in two weeks, Dorien will be here! SO excited!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

back home

well, I made it back to New York safe and sound. After a few days in florida and a week in georgia, re entry was a little confusing, all the people and noise and snow! but I'm happy to be in my own appartment again and snuggling with diego, who burst down the door tp see me this morning. transfering back into my own life after being in family life was harder than I thought. I struggle with the validity of my choices anyways and I don't much like my job. I do enjoy my studies, and my friends. I felt strongly the loss of family this time around. I think because my nephews have grown so much and I know they will grow more without me seeing them, and I have no family of my own. This is a recent development, as I am normally pretty content with the single life, going where I will and seeing whom I will, yet this season, I am coming to terms with loneliness. And it's a good thing. Thomas Merton states that one must push through the dessert of loneliness to reach the garden of solitude. It's interesting how some struggles have evened out for me, but have been replaced with different ones. I have to remember to look for the good in things as well, or I will be an eternal pessimist.
heading into work today is frought with many feelings. I do enjoy the details and finishing projects, but I am forever behind and must struggle to balance my workload with my new assistant's training. oh well. the vacation is over, and I'm back to work.