Monday, September 05, 2011

In frostproof

Well, I made it. Dad flew in Wednesday at 6 and I picked him up and we pointed the Nissan south and took off. I was pretty much a wreck the whole way down. we drove through the night on Wednesday, and stopped in NC for the night with my uncle. we were both too tired to push through. That night, I remembered just how allergic to dust mites I was, and so mid morning, dad pulled over at a gas station so I could perform the most complicated medical routine I've ever done. something like,Zyrtec, emergency inhaler, then ibuprofen, then regular inhaler, then benadril, then emergency inhaler... last time I felt like this I went to the E.R. but since that wasn't an option, I managed to doctor myself out of it. needless to say, I slept the rest of the trip, till around St Augustine, where we met up with my little sister. I decided that I should live in St Augustine, it's gorgeous, and has many little shops and cafe's. then the three hours to Frostproof. Mom had tied yellow ribbons to all the door posts for me, and I felt very loved. Saturday was spent unpacking, moving beds, getting settled. I had a scare, thinking I'd forgot the pegs for my furniture, but we found them in the end. The room looks very nice and comfortable, and it has closets! something I've not had for years. Sunday I went to church with my parents and was a little overwhelmed with all these strangers being so happy to see me. I am, of course, the only one my age within 10 years, either way. I am going to look into different churches here, and see if there's one that feels like home. the rest of the day I crashed, sleeping fitfully, and unpacking. Today, I pulled apart my air conditioner in the car, but I can't see what's wrong with it. I have an interview for a part time job on Wednesday, which would be in town, 10 minutes by car. I've been feeling pretty rotten, moving, then stopping, trying to get to a point where I feel good enough not to think about what my body is feeling... I also feel surreal, there is no noise outside, other than the generators on the houses, and the occasional tractor in the orange grove, no music, no noise pollution. Mornings are beautiful here, I will try to take pictures and post them, but the day is hot and humid. part of me thinks, oh good, sweating is good for weight loss. The other part of me thinks, oh no, dehydration. I'm not happy, I don't think I will be for a long time, but I am beginning to see that this is just a time in between.
there are some good schools nearby (45 minutes) so in a week or so, depending on job situation, I will start asking around for adjunct positions, and I'll start talking to Iona about long distance school. I would love to hear from you all, whether it's just a note or a letter. Phone reception tends to be iffy around here.