Thursday, October 08, 2009

I write in order not to panick

Hello dear friends!
This post is short and I hope sweet. Tomorrow I have the privilege of teaching 3 sections of College Writing. I've already been grading their papers and I've enjoyed it immensely. I hope you all get this in time to pray for my 8 o'clock class.
I'm really nervous, because this is the test, this is the metaphoric petal hitting the equally metaphoric metal. If I can do this, and if I enjoy this, it's off to grad school, and in this economy, that is a huge faith thing right there. but baby steps, baby steps. I hope I get through tomorrow. and then the next day, which is homecoming and then Monday, when I teach again.
anyways. this is a garbled bit of writing, but I was wondering if I could ask all of you who read this to send me a quick email of why you think I would be a good college professor, I'm in need of some clarity here.
thanks all!